Custom LED Display Solutions

LED displays are visually attractive digital installations that can provide a number of benefits for your company. They can convey information in an easy-to-grasp format, attract passersby to your location, announce upcoming events, advertise goods and services, or simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of the immediate area. 

Our flexible LED installations offer a highly versatile solution that is limited only by your imagination. You can set up indoor/outdoor high-resolution custom displays that wrap around walls, cover ceilings, arch across gaps in walkways, or assume virtually any kind of custom shape or configuration. Our LED video wall displays and other custom LED display panels are always designed to accommodate the specific spatial and functional requirements of the spaces where they are to be installed. 

Digital displays powered by LED technology help organizations stand out from the crowd in our increasingly hectic society. Total Concept Integration is the partner you need to realize the full potential of advanced LED screens and the astonishing digital experience they alone can supply.

Enterprise LED Modules

Total Concept Integration’s video wall solutions and other LED-powered displays can be successfully deployed in a wide range of sites, including but not limited to the following:

  • Retail sites – Digital kiosk displays in retail stores can generate on-the-spot advertisements and sales information. The flexibility of LED solutions means you have plenty of space-saving installation options.
  • Broadcast studios – Curved fine pitch LED screens, convex and concave, are increasingly common in broadcast environments, enhancing the audio-visual experience of the presentation.
  • Airports – Overhead and wall-mounted LED video screens communicate up-to-the-moment flight data to fliers and help them get to where they need to go inside the airport.
  • Rental and staging LED screens can be easily set up for trade shows, sales conferences, and similar time-limited events. They can be just as easily taken down once the event has concluded.
  • Theme parks Outdoor LED displays are ideal for showing videos that keep visitors entertained while standing in line, or supplying directional information that helps them navigate the site. 
  • Casinos – Digital betting kiosks provide customers with updated information they need to make informed gambling decisions, while video walls complement the high-energy atmosphere of these sites.
  • Movie theaters – LED menu displays list showtimes and other relevant information to moviegoers waiting in the lobby area.

These are only some of the uses to which our custom LED display panels are well suited. Our list of clients includes many organizations not included in any of the above categories. Total Concept Integration can design LED displays for virtually any kind of environment. 

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Our Process

Creating your custom LED display is a five-step process:

Consultation – We’ll meet with you to discuss your design preferences, the purpose of your proposed display, and the physical layout of the installation space. 

Conceptual Design – With your wants and needs in mind, we’ll assemble a design that provides you with an overview of what your LED installation will look like once properly set up.

Drawings – Once you have approved the design, we’ll execute detailed shop drawings that our team can use to assemble the display according to your specifications. 

Integration and Installation – We’ll arrange to have your fully functional display installed at the site of your choosing. 

Service and Support – We’ll provide you with access to ongoing maintenance and support services that ensure you’ll get the most out of your LED display for years to come.

Our LED design and installation services are always customized to conform to the needs of the customer. We’ll work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services at every phase of the process. 

Total Concept Integration has the experience and expertise necessary to fabricate highly effective custom LED displays and modules for practically any type of environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Our LED solutions are currently utilized by a broad spectrum of businesses across the U.S., including several Fortune 500 companies. 

To get started on your LED journey, feel free to contact us. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible to begin the process of developing your LED solution.