What Is Digital Signage

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What Is Digital Signage? Digital signage is now all around us. It takes electronic signage to a new level with LCD, LED, and projection technology. Your business can thus leverage new interactive capabilities to connect with consumers, visitors, and employees. Displays can individually showcase text, animation, or video content and are centrally managed as part of a digital signage

Guidelines for Creating Great Digital Signage Content

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Guidelines for Creating Great Digital Signage Content Once you have the latest LED screens, servers, programming tools, and CMS software, it’s time to start creating content that gets attention. An effective digital marketing strategy has many moving parts. If your digital signage doesn’t provide the results you need, the investment won’t pay off. Following a few simple rules

A Guide to Digital Signage Screens & Advertising Displays

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A Guide to Digital Signage Screens & Advertising Displays Digital signage displays are available in numerous types, styles, and sizes. Many top brands offer commercial-grade solutions that can support applications ranging from interactive displays in stores to corporate conference room equipment, to digital restaurant menus. The options can be overwhelming, but Total Concept Integration is here

How Does Digital Signage Work

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How Does Digital Signage Work? In its simplest form, digital signage is a visual message presented on a screen. The message is relayed digitally onto an LCD or LED screen, usually in a public setting. Advanced digital signage networks can connect many screens in many places. However, digital signage content can be displayed via a setup as

What Is Digital Signage Used For

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What Is Digital Signage Used For? Digital signage is all around us. It consists of a network of digital display screens located indoors or outdoors (in the form of digital out-of-home media). The displays are interconnected with a range of equipment and remotely accessed via content management system (CMS) software. An operator can control a network

Retail Digital Signage

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Retail Digital Signage Due to advances in technology, many traditional forms of retail advertising are increasingly viewed as old-fashioned and ineffective. We’re now well beyond the era when retail stores could expect to rely on printed posters, posed mannequins, and similar displays to advertise their wares. In a high-tech society, these kinds of installations just

LED Video Walls

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LED Video Walls LED video wall displays are powerfully effective for broadcasting sporting events, presenting vivid advertisements, enlivening an environment with a compelling visual background, or complementing a speech or presentation. Spectators who view LED video walls are often amazed by their colorful, dynamic presentation of digital content. LED stands for “light-emitting diode,” a type

Custom LED Display Solutions

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Customized LED Digital Display Screens   LED displays are visually attractive digital installations that can provide a number of benefits for your company. They can convey information in an easy-to-grasp format, attract passersby to your location, announce upcoming events, advertise goods and services, or simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of the immediate area. Our

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